Guests at the 20th Teaching Anniversary of Amy V. Lindenberger

Evalenn Nutter
Amy's First Student

Vicki Andrews

Sue Glymph

Barbara Jacobson

Carole Herman

Audrie McMahon and
 Carol Neighbour

Judy Spyker and Sue Walker

Sue Amstutz and Ruth Jensen

Bette O. Zwick

Bob Langhoff

Kathi Slayton

Sharon Guertal

Charlotte Sprinkle and Beverly Konovsky

Kathy Rogers and Larry Shaffer

Amy and Gloria Livengood

Rosemary Tope and Sheila Scannelli

Dolores Waters and Hannelore Brown

Julie Miller

Jan Roberto

Kathy Cox

Rosemary Tope, Laurene Puls, and Ella Lakhia

Robin Estrin

Beverly Heath-Rawlings

Cindy Biel, Howard Robbins, Robin Estrin,Beverly Heath-Rawlings,  Mary Bradley, Sheryl Aronson

Donna Stagner

Nancy Gogel

Connie DeHaas

Joyce Jeffries

Janet Priborsky

Tanny Zetz and Sue Glymph

Charlotte Sprinkle and Barb Aiken

Cindy Biel

Sheryl Aronson

Mary Bradley

Ella Lakhia

  MORE PICTURES   The party at the North Canton Civic Center


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