A Celebration of Amy’s 20th Anniversary – Teaching Colored Pencil

Students gathered for a luncheon and critique.

 Saturday, April 30, 2005 @ 1 pm.
North Canton Civic Center
845 W. Maple Street in North Canton

Current and former students of Amy Lindenberger gathered at the North Canton Civic Center to celebrate Amy's twenty-year teaching career in North Canton.  Anna Marie Robbins was instrumental in planning the party, co-ordinating activities, and supplying gifts, door prizes and decorations.


A coloring contest challenged those in attendance to render a 9 x 11" colored pencil drawing within 30 minutes using only 10 colored pencils and copier paper with a contour drawing imprinted.  The submissions were hung and evaluated. The works were judged by Amy and Anna Marie Robbins awarded prizes she had made and meticulously wrapped in bundles.


There were no starving artists to be found at this affair!

But there seemed to be a lot of activity centered around the layout of the
special cupcakes.


A critique of the artwork brought by the participants followed: 


Anna Marie, serving as easel, holds up a piece of Barb Aiken's work.  On the floor is work by Vicky Andrews.  Also seen in the second frame are pieces by Sheryl Aronson, Evalenn Nutter, Sue Walker, and Charlotte Sprinkle.

Sue Glymph's, Too Much Beach, was on its way to the May Show where it won an Honorable Mention in the 60th annual exhibit.  Other work above was by Sharon Guertal, Janet Priborsky, Barbara Aiken, Rosemary Tope, Bev Konovsky, Carol Neighbour, and Kathy Cox.


Gifts for our gifted teacher. 
Anna Marie shopped for a bag that held an array of art and travel supplies. . .
especially for the artist who travels to Gettysburg on a regular basis.


Door prizes and table centerpieces went home with the guests.



Amy's Family and a Special Friend

Amy with her daughter Laura

Amy with her long-time friend and
co-worker at the Studio, Linda Faulkner

Princess Grace

Amy's daughter Cheryl with husband Jesse
and grandchildren Grace and Matthew.


Amy in the chow line with
husband Kurt Harsh


   MORE PICTURES   Guests, current and former Linden Tree students 

We ate, had an art critique, and a coloring contest thanks to party planner Anna Marie Robbins.
Pictures courtesy of Anna Marie and Howard Robbins, and Sheila Scannelli.

May 2005

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