History of The Linden Tree
by Amy Lindenberger

In 1985, I opened The Linden Tree Fine Art Studio in North Canton, OH, offering adult drawing classes, a program of drawing instruction for children and teens ages 5 – 17, and special focus workshops in drawing and colored pencil techniques. The Linden Tree became known for its high quality instructional standards and supportive, common-sense teaching methods. It also became “home base” for District Chapter 101 of the Colored Pencil Society of America, as I was the founder of that chapter and its president for eight years of its fourteen-year lifespan.

Over the years, The Linden Tree had four different locations; each move brought not only an expansion in size but also in the services offered to students. At our most recent location, The Linden Tree provided a gallery space where many student and professional artists exhibited their work over a ten-year period. Other services included digital photography for entries into exhibitions, provided by Emily Puls, and greeting cards, printed by Laurene Puls.

In 2009, I made the decision to close The Linden Tree due to a variety of factors, not the least of which was declining enrollment spurred on by changes in the cultural and economic dynamics within the surrounding region.  But quality instruction in drawing and colored pencil techniques continues to be of primary importance to me.  If you are interested in private drawing lessons for children, or group lessons for adults in drawing and colored pencil drawing (beginner through intermediate levels), I am happy to refer you to www.CathieFithian.com. Cathie was a student of mine for many years, and uses an updated version of the children’s lesson program and adult colored pencil class format I wrote and used at The Linden Tree.

I look forward not only to offering new instructional opportunities in the future, but also to writing a book on color perception geared to the colored pencil artist – a subject of keen interest to me since I began working exclusively in colored pencil in the early 1980’s. Please watch this column for updates as they occur!

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