Artwork Shown in CPSA International Exhibitions and Publications
CPSA Explore This! 7, 2011
(Also the cover image for 2011 CPSA
Membership Directory)
CPSA 19th Annual International Exhibition
Dallas, Texas 2011
Best Friends
2nd CPSA Exhibition
Lake Oswego, Oregon, 1994
Published in Creative Colored Pencil Portraits, 1996.
Out of Reach
4th CPSA Exhibition
San Diego, California, 1996
Published in Creative Colored Pencil Portraits, 1996.
Published in
The Best of Colored Pencil 4, 1996.
Awarded the Gainesville, Florida's DC  #113 Award for
Excellence at the 10th CPSA Exhibition.

Signature Status was gained with this acceptance.
Calm Before the Storm
11th CPSA Exhibition
Brea, California, 2003
The End of Innocence
14th CPSA Exhibition
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2006
Acceptance earned the 5-Year CPSA Merit Award
Awarded 1st Place in the Michigan Regional Colored
Pencil Show
Hard Road To Travel

CPSA Signature Showcase
Del Ray Beach, Florida, 2006
Published in The Best of Colored Pencil, 1993
Published in The Best of Colored Pencil, 1993
Captain Kurt's Fishing Fantasy
Published in The Best of Colored Pencil 2, 1994
Amy Lindenberger, CPSA, CPX is a Charter Member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and has received Signature Status in the Society as well as the
10-Year Merit Award and Signature Status for Colored Pencil/Mixed Media work (CPX).
© 2017 Amy V. Lindenberger
Peony Dreams
CPSA Explore This! 8, 2012
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Published in CPSA Signature Showecase, 2011.
10th CPSA Exhibition
Fort Worth, Texas, 2002
Selected as a Finalist in the Abstract/Experimental Category,
The Artist's Magazine's 28th Annual Art Competition, 2011
Ravens and Lilies: Consider These
CPSA 20th Annual International Exhibition
Cincinnati, OH 2012
Dusk at Devil's Den
CPSA Explore This! 9, 2013
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CPSA 24th Annual International Exhibition
Spokane, WA 2016
CPSA 22md Annual International
Daytona Beach, FL 2014
CPSA 23rd Annual International Exhibition
Atlanta, GA 2015
Prairie Cabin
CPSA Explore This! 13, 2017
Currently Available for Viewing
October Morning, Fog Receding
Glorious Profusion